I wash my hair in the morning! No, I wash my hair at night!

Quiz: If you wanna wash your hair? When is the healthiest time for your scalp?

Original post: Theqoo

1.Night, I need to sleep more in the morning.

2.In the morning

3.At night, the dust that gets on my hair all day is so gross.

4.In the morning. If i wash it at night, it gets greasy when I wake up in the next day

5.Night, I’ve got a minute more to sleep in the morning.

6.My hair’s curly, so I wash it in the evening and sleep with my hair pressed to make it flatten in the morningㅋㅋㅋ

7.Morning! I tried it in the evening, but my hair looked too messy the next day.

8.I take a shower at night, wash my hair, and then wash my hair again in the next morning.

9.I take a shower at night no matter what!!!I get a lot of dust in my head when I come back from the outside, I can’t get in my bed like that…

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