BLACKPINK Jennie, unrivaled charm in a new photo-shoot

BLACKPINK Jennie’s “Marie claire” photoshoot to be released in the April issue of the fashion magazine.

The pictures show Jennie’s lovely and chic aura that perfectly suits the collaboration with the eyewear brand ‘Gentle Monster

Original post: Nate

[+618,-80]Her KT ad is a stroke of genius

[+40,-22]I couldn’t help but to admire her on KT’s commercial

[+32,-14]Jennie Red…. Really swag

[+21,-10]Jennie has a really pretty eyes.

[+20,-10]Jennie Red, You can’t close your eyes until the commercial’s over.

[+10,-4]She looks pretty

[+12,-5]Can’t blink watching KT’s ad

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