Looks like Itzy’s becoming the best girl group dancing-wise

Original post: Theqoo

1.Woah, their dancing is really impressive

2.They’re so damn good…I heard that Lia had a short time as a trainee, but I think it’s amazing that she follows along. The choreo is very difficult, but everyone else is so good at it that it seems like she’s a bad dancer.I think she’ll get better as we move forward.

3.Ryujin’s intro is awesome

4.Yuna’s the real thing. She’s got the visuals, the body, performance skills, the good facial expressions, she’s got it all.

5.People think the same, you’ll know that just by looking at the number of views on their dance content, they dance like crazy!

6.Ryujin really suits this concept, she stands out for me..and Lia is just so pretty.

7.The song got better after watching the performanceㅋㅋ I like their facial expressions when they perform the song, Their stage performances are so fun to watch.

8.Itzy are good at everything, they’re a really fresh rookie group.

9.It’s not that LIA can’t dance well, but the other members are a very good dancers that it makes her seem like a bad one. If she were in another group, her dancing would look okay

10.I’ve seen this more than 30 times already…Ryujin’s f***ing dope.

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