Apink’s Son Naeun shows off her innocent beauty in a new selca

Son Naeun posted 2 selcas on her Instagram on March 15th.
The picture shows Son Naeun in a black T-shirt smiling at the camera. Son Naeun’s light skin and big clear eyes accentuate her innocent beauty.
Fans who saw the photos commented, such as “So pretty,” “The Most Beautiful Person in the World” and “The Essence of Beauty.”
Apink is preparing to make a comeback in April. 

Original post: Nate

[+221,-32]Who said she didn’t donate, Son Naeun donated 50 million won earlier, it’s just that there wasn’t enough articles about it

[+202,-57]Son Naeun’s pretty

[+153,-37]Son Naeun

[+27,-11]She looks really pretty here

[+27,-9]The prettiest

[+25,-8]Apink’s Ace member

[+24,-8]She is the prettiest girl group idol in real life

[+22,-12]Im convinced ome commenters think like this:
“Just give it a peek and think it’s not good”
“Is there anything I can pick on? Think first and look carefully at each of her eyes, nose, mouth, face, and clothes.”

[+21,-27]I saw the first picture and thought that the plastic surgery had been settled, but the second one shows that it isn’t yet

[+20,-7]Super pretty. Look how sweetly pretty she looks!

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