Yoo Heeyeol just praised ITZY’s Lia for her “Price Tag” cover

Original post: Theqoo

1.What? She sang it so well and Her voice is so nice. there are many members whose voices and skills are hidden because of their groups’ concepts and dancing live.

2.Woah, I like the tone of her voice, her version has even a better feeling than the original

3.Heol! She was so good,, Woah

4.Now that ITZY’s Girl crush trilogy’s over, I’m looking forward to them doing a more mature concept next time with Lia’s voice.

5.Lia’s voice is amazing. There’s a video of Lia’s singing before the group’s debut, I wish everyone see it. Personally, I’m sad that ITZY’s songs don’t match LIA’s singing style. Please release a lot of songs that show your singing skills.

6.I knew you were a member for a reason. You’re good, Lia

7.There’s a reason she’s the main vocalist of the group. Her voice is so beautiful, but I hope she gets the chance to showcase more of her singing abilities!

8.Woah! that was really nice… I wish she’d go with this style

9.I really like her voice color, I wanna heara full cover of this song

10.Wooah, I didn’t know that Lia was this good,ㅠ she’s such a great singer!ㅠ

11.Crazy! I know why you’re the main vocalist now,.. You’re so f***ing good… I’ll die to hear your solo one day

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