Park Seo-joon and Kim Dami in making of ‘Itaewon Class’ confession scene

On Wednesday, JTBC Drama’s official YouTube channel uploaded a video under the title “Sae Ryeo-seo’s heartbreaking confession performance .

The released video showed the making of the confession scene of “Itaewon Claass,” which drew much so much attention. Park Seo-joon and Kim Dam-mi, who coordinate lines with each other before shooting, showed off their passion for acting.

Original post: Nate

[+572,-85]Jo Yiseo’s really cute and likeable, make sure to end up with Park Saeroi

[+260,-28]Hamster Dami~

[+25,-6]If I were Seojoon, I would’ve fallen for Yiseo’s charm

[+23,-29]Honestly, any man in his right mind will choose Kwon Nara unless he was weird

[+17,-1]These days when I’m walking down the streets, I catch myself imitating Park Seo-joon’s rubbing-hair habit

[+14,-6]Let’s have a new happy ending with Iseo.

[+14,-7]Kwon Nara is really pretty

[+11,-3]Does a boss like Park Saeroi exist in the real world?

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