Jeon Jungkook’s really…

I wanna lock him up and shower him with compliments
He’s such lovely guy… He doesn’t receive as much love as he deserves
I wish I knew if there were more people who love him than people who hate on him

“To ARMY. Summer has passed and the cold winter has come. I am writing this letter from Finland. I’ve become more emotional now that winter has come and I’ve been thinking a lot of different thoughts as I look at the sky by myself. Of course, I think about ARMYs the most. Do you all think a lot about me too? Every time I think about you guys I am filled with precious memories. So I hope that when you think of me you are filled with precious memories too! I will continue to do my best!”

Original post: Pann


[+242,-4]He likes snacks, he likes his hyungs, but he likes ARMY the most

[+197,-3]Taehyung was scared of sharks one time, so Jungkook said that he’ll hit them on their nose, it was really cute to see. I’m not an ARMY but I watch BTS’ videos on Youtube sometimes, i like them and I love Jungkook so much.

[+86,-0]Jungkook is so transparent? He doesn’t play tricks, he’s always been honest and straightforward to his fans. He doesn’t show off or try to make himself known, he’s just a transparent guy who likes the stage and ARMY. Despite his haters’ continuous efforts to defame him, everyone will see his sincerity in the end, 100% sure about it

[+77,-0]There are way more people who like you than people who hate you in this world. I love you Jungkook

[+55,-1]Our Jungkook should be happy no matter what

[+42,-0]Jungkook is not my first bias, but I think he’ll be the last can I find a guy as good as him?

[+36,-0]I hope things like this come up when jungkook searches up his name. He’ll be happy to see this, but the bad ones come up first unfortunately…

[+35,-0]I get really emotional whenever I see this gif. , I”ll try to be happy, even if it’s hard to live, because of you Jungkook, I love you.

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[+30,-0]Our Jungkookieㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

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