Blackpink Jisoo looks stunning in a new photo shoot

The three-dimensional features of Jisoo catched people’s attention, she showed a fascinating beauty and chic look in the new released pictorial.
Her group, BLACKPINK, is set to make a comeback in the first half of the year.

Ji-soo’s photos can be found in the March issue of Vogue Korea

Original post: Nate

[+94,-18]Jisoo’s the prettiest among Blackpink

[+84,-16]Jisoo is really pretty from a man’s point of view

[+62,-8]I can’t deny her beauty… I envy her

[+18,-8]Kim Jisoo’s f***ing hot

[+15,-8]She’s so pretty whenever I see her

[+13,-8]She’s extremely gorgeous

[+12,-3]Woah Jisoo’s lipstick…

[+12,-9]Her lips are killing me for real~~~~

[+11,-3]Jisoo is Blackpink’s Top Visual

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