Lee Jooyoung’s crazy presence on Itaewon Class “I am a transgender”

Lee Jooyoung, a diamond discoverd by Itaewon Class

Mahyun drew attention as she competed in the final of the competition program “Best pub” With her solid cooking skills, “Danbam” topped both the first and second round, expectations and attention were focused on the final round. The tension over the final match was further heightened as MaHyun’s victory in “Best pub” was a condition to attract an investment. MaHyun confidently stepped out to win the show, but the news that she was a transgender turned the tide.

Park Saeroyi showed up at the scene of the final match, and Mahyun seemed to give up the competition. A call from Yiseo just before the competition made Mahyun’s heart stronger. She walked in, remembering the verses read by YiSeo, and said “I am Danbam’s chef MaHyun. I’m a transgender. And I’ll win today,” adding, “I’m DIAMOND,”

Original post: Nate

[+1210,-68]Her acting is solid. She’s really good at expressing emotions, I was surprised honestly

[+1146,-48]Mahyun walked differently in the last scene yesterday, she portrayed her character so perfectly. Every gesture was expressed with care ,she’s great

[+1110,-103]I still can’t get over her long hair in the club

[+62,-4]I got goosebumps at the “Diamond” line

[+37,-1]It’s not an easy role to take… But she was really good at acting, keep it up Mahyun-ie

[+36,-7]You did it yesterday!! So f***ing pretty

[+24,-2]You were good on the weightlifting fairy too~ I’m enjoying your drama~ Fighting!

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