‘Itaewon Class’ New episode: Park Seo-joon rejected Kim Dami with cold words…”Don’t like me”

In JTBC’s “Itaewon Class,” which aired on Thursday, YiSeo (Kim Dami ) was frustrated by the rejection Saeroi(Park Seo-joon)

Original post: Nate

[+1726,-45]I feel like I got dumped

[+1261,-31]People’s feelings are so hard to understand..ㅋㅋ

[+1196,-43]Yiseo-yah… Don’t cryㅠㅠ

[+193,-13]Yiseo is 100 times better than the ungrateful Kwon nara who’s clinging to the enemy for her own benefit. How can you like her when she’s spent her entire life working for jangga’s family that killed a person who was like father to her

[+161,-8]So excited for the next move from sociopath Jo Yiseo’s who abandoned her mother and Seoul National University

[+130,-6]Geunsoo, you were unlucky…Ma Hyeonyi’s great ….. but seeing Yiseo crying broke my heart

[+107,-3]Saeroyi keeps saying that he likes Sooah, but i can’t see it at all. Feels like it’s just a talk but he doesn’t realize it yet

[+86,-4]Ha, the last scene was emotional, they both acted well 

[+71,-3]The last song was so sad. For tomorrow’s episode, I think they’ll be scammed by an investor.

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