10 kpop album that music fans should have

* The order is arranged by release date *

1. Seo Taiji and Boys: Seo Taiji and Boys (1992)

Song Recommendation: You, In the Fantasy

2.2NE1: To Anyone (2010)

Song Recommendation: I’m Busy

3.IU: Modern Times(2013)

Song Recommendation: Obliviate

4.Brown Eyed Girls: BASIC (2015)

Song Recommendation: Wave

5.DEAN: 130 Mood: TRBL (2016)

Song Recommendation: Pour Up (Feat. ZICO)

6.BTS: Young Forever (2016)

Song Recommendation: Epilogue:Young Forever

7.Shinee: 1 of 1 – The 5th Album (2016)

Song Recommendation: Shift

8.Day6: SUNRISE (2017)

Song Recommendation: How can i say

9.EXO: THE WAR (2017)

Song Recommendation: Chill

10.Red Velvet: The Perfect Red Velvet

Song Recommendation: Look

Original post: Theqoo

1.DAY6’s Sunrine is a masterpiece … the album is really good I always listen to itㅠㅠㅠ

2.I like every single one of them

3.No SES… What the hell??

4.No but Butterfly, Run, Baepsae, Ma City, Dope, Fire, Save Me, Young Forever  are all in one album….? BTS’ Young Forever is really great!

5.Disappointed that Block B’s first full-length album is not included in this list…

6.EXO’s Exodus?? That was a great album

7.I don’t think we can only select 10 albums in the first place

8.BTS’ Most Beautiful Moments in Life is a true masterpiece

9.SHINee’s SHIFT personalizes the album. If you listen to it in a very classic way, your ears will melt

10.I like BTS’ butterfly, I love the prologue version of the song

11.SM idols’ b-side tracks are generally good

12.To be honest, I think all of 2NE1’s albums are masterpieces

13.Who picked them?

14.Sunrise is really amazing…….I’m serious…

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