The Top 100 Most Searched Kpop Idol of 2019

The most-searched male idol is Jungkook, for female idols it’s Lisa, 6 BTS’ members and 2 BP members are ranked in the Top 10 . For solo singers, IU is the highest on the list.

original post: Theqoo

1.I knew Jungkook would come first ! Congratulations!

2.IU! daebak

3.Chanyeol’s the highest among EXO’s members, I thought it would be Baekhyun…

4.Jungkookie congratulations

5.It’s really sad to see Sulli and Hara’s name up there…

6.Jungkook has been the most searched name in Google for 3 years in a row, right?

7.Jungkook is way more popular than I thought he would be. He seems very quiet to me, I had no idea he’s that famous… Anyway, congratulations!

8.I think I’ve seen this list with Jungkook being the number one before. Or was it from the last year?

9.As expected from BTS and Blackpink…

10.6 BTS members are listed in the Top 10, that’s amazing…

11.Jay Park is also listed in the Top 100!! Anyway, how many years passed since he left that group, though…

12.Now the haters have to admit that IU is also popular overseas~~

13.Sulli is listed in the Top 10…ㅠㅠ

14.Jungkook ranked #1 a lot this year… Anyway, congratulations! And congratulations to BTS as well!

15.Jungkook has been great all year.


16.Lisa is surprising. i want naver to release something like this

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