In my opinion, there are two female idols that come to my mind when I think of good body proportions

1. Luda of WJSN

Luda is a person who has good visuals and freaking good body proportions, If you look at her solo pics she looks so skinny and beautiful

And if her photo is taken when she’s next to her fellow members she suddenly looks quite short? lol

And look at her legs length holyyyyyyy

You would think it’s photoshop, but it is actually her real legs length

And by the way, Luda’s real height is 156 cm.. If you don’t know her actual height you’d think she is around 165 cm or so omg. That’s why people say that body proportions are way more important than height.

2. Yooa

If you look at Yooa’s solo photos she looks at least 170

And when they measured her proportions on a broadcast, she turned out to be 8-and-a-half heads tall lol

Woah.. Her legs are so skinny and straight ㅠㅜㅠㅜ Oh My Girl members all say Yooa’s legs are super long…for sure 

And well, her actual height is 160 cm. They say, that short girls are destined to wear heels only,but here’s a photo to break your stereotypes. Actually one can show amazing proportions even when wearing sneakers….

hose proportions are on some completely different level. Damn how can you have these proportions and be 160 cm,, 

Original post: Pann


1.jo seho’s height is 172… but yooa is actually above 160. her proportions are fantastic, but she is at least 164

2.y’all say short girls with good body proportions are all that… but in my opinion, no one has body proportions as perfect as nana. tall girls are truly something

3.people say luda is one of the most beautiful girls ever, and call her the prettiest idol. seeing this you understand how important the head size is to korean people. yes, with makeup on she looks fantastic, but everyone has their preferences, and her face is not the type that everyone would necessarily find exceptional. and on the other hand, a girl in korea with a naturally beautiful face but the big head is doomed since birth.

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