BTS takes home 4 daesangs including Record of the Year at this year’s MMAs

Original Post: Naver

[+1,715, -34] As expected, congratulations!

[+984, -16] Just BTS being BTS

[+939, -20] Frankly, seeing BTS you can tell they’re on a completely different level. I don’t feel as excited when I see other idol singers.

[+986, -148] Honestly, I’m not a fan of them but as a man, when I see BTS I can tell they’re way ahead of everyone else. I don’t get why EXO think they can compete. 

[+825, -11] Gotta admit…they deserve it. 

[+230, -2] In six years, all that’s changed is their outer appearance. Their character is still good…you really can’t find any arrogance in them whatsoever. 

[+209, -2] This year is also BTS’ year…no one can beat them. 

[+139, -3] From dancing, music, visuals…just all around geniuses. What a great group.

[+67, -3] Jimin on stage is truly angelic…amazing.

[+34, -3] Bangtan have always been talented idols since the beginning.

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