BTS’ Jungkook’s “Amiable Heart” Gets Attention After He Was Seen Hugging His Staff On Duty After Performing At New York’s Times Square“

Jungkook gains attention for hugging a staff as he stepped down after a performance in New York Times Square. On January 1st, BTS performed in Dick Clar’s New Years Rocking Eve with Ryan Seacrest 2020. After performing for 8 minutes long, BTS stepped down the stage, and fans captured a moment where Jungkook hugged a staff who was waiting behind the stage, saying ‘You’ve worked hard’ and patted the staff on his back. 
The video of Jungkook’s heart-warming action gains a huge attention on the internet. Fans all over the world compliment Jungkook for his sweetness. 
In the ending of KBS Gayo Daechukjae this year, Jungkook was also seen approaching his manager who was waiting in a corner, patting on his back and showed a very heart-warming expression. His speech on Melon Music Awards 2018 also gained attention, in which he expressed how grateful he was to all the managers and staff who have worked with them. One of the staff even teared up upon hearing his speech.

Original post: Naver

[+1,144][-35] Jungkook is the epitome of tenderness. He always takes care of people around him, he always worries and puts his fans first before himself. I’m sure his fans and staff already know about this. I admire his sincerity and the way he puts all of his effort into everything he does. I hope he gets all the love and acknowledgment he deserves in 2020, I love you Jungkook-ah

[+776][-28] Our heart-warming Jungkook, he always mentions his staffs during his speech~ Jungkook has a really beautiful and clear heart, it’s very heart-warming^^ I will always be supporting for him, BTS and Jungkook

[+697][-25] BTS’ Jungkook is very well-known for his thoughtful, warm, and caring heart. His heart is just as handsome as his looks. He’s always genuine and sincere about everything he does. It’s really heart-warming to see him take care and think about people around him. I’m very jealous of the staffs who work with him. I hope this will be the year where all of his dreams and wish come true. I love you, Jeon Jungkook

[+569][-25] Even his personality is literally flawless. There’s nothing in the world that he doesn’t have. You’re the best, Jungkook-ah!

[+509][-21] You can see how warm and caring his heart is through his eyes. Jungkook, please know that you’re a very precious person.

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